Roaming the Caucasus for the Beeb

by Bill Doskoch on Wed 21 Jun 2006 02:24 AM EDT
Beeb journalist Steve Rosenberg has spent the past few weeks touring the North Caucasus region of southern Russia — home to such newsworthy places as Chechnya and North Ossetia, where Beslan is situated.

Here are links to his stories:
Violence makes Dagestan vigilant (June 20)
Tough lessons in defiant Dagestan (June 19)
Chechen life in the fast lane (June 16)
Stalin stirs Caucasus passions (June 13)
Wounds of past haunt Cossacks (June 11)
Muddling through in the Caucasus (June 9)
Inside Russia’s Caucasus cauldron (June 8)

Here is the Regions and Territories Guide for Dagestan, but they are also available for Chechnya, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Kalmykia and North Ossetia.


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