Very Interessting Blog: ex-Soviet Union Music (


Very Interessting Blog:
ex-Soviet Union Music (

Nino Katamadze / Foto: Dmitriy Kuklin (Barsun)

among other things you can read about:
Iya Chantladze – Georgian Sade. But I know nothing about her and only enjoy listening.
Tamara Gverdtsiteli – She began to sing at 9 years old. Her georgian name is Tamriko. She left Georgia in the beginning of 90th because of civil war. She lived and worked in France for 4 years. Her culmination were concerts in Olympia Hall in Paris and in Carnegie Hall in NY.
Liza Umarova – is the most popular modern Chechen singer today called “Chechen Edith Piaf”.
Nino Katamadze – Georgian jazz-diva Nino Katamadze and her band Insight are famous with incomparable emotional songs which are difficult by mood and sincere as well. Nino was born in Adjaria and studied as a vocalist in Batumi. The culmination happened in 2002 when Nino was singing in Great Britain and public fell in ecstatic love.

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